Robodove gives you superpowers

No more browsing rental sites for hours a day looking for apartments for rent, and say goodbye to “sorry, this apartment has already been rented”

  • Robodove searches all rental sites for you around the clock 24/7.
  • You can apply before others are even aware of the listing.
  • Get first in line and find your home today

How Robodove works

1. Choose your home wishes

Enter your home wishes and follow Robodove's recommendations. Robodove's recommendations are based on home data and helps you select realistic home wishes. You can always change your home wishes in your settings.

2. Lean back

After entering your home wishes you can lean and relax. Robodove is now searching 24/7 across all housing sites. When a relevant housing ad is posted, you will receive an instant message from Robodove.

3. Get a head start

Robodove ensures that you always get a start in the home search. All you have to do is to contact the landlord and ask for a viewing.

6000+ happy users

Do as more than 6000+ former home seekers. Stop wasting time browsing housing sites and get a head start. Sign up for Robodove today.


Viktor Flyckt Andersen

"As I have also written when I canceled my membership, I would like to say: great respect! You give everyone a fair chance at the Copenhagen housing market. I got a far greater number of invitations to see apartments than using the payment pages!"


Rasmus Ahlefeldt Simonsen

"A month after the sign up, the perfect apartment appeared. The landlord was contacted, a showcasing was arranged and just a few days later the apartment was ours! If it had not been for Robodove, we would NEVER have found this apartment! Robodove can be clearly recommended!"


Nynne Aaby Steenhof

"Robodove has been a direct part of the fact that my girlfriend and I have finally found an apartment! We have just signed a purchase agreement and can now just sit back and look forward to our new place. Robodove gives you the opportunity to see ads - instantly- without having to log on housing sites. - After 2 years of searching we succeeded and it was just a few months' use of Robodove."

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Our history

In the summer of 2017, I was desperately looking for a new home in Copenhagen. And so was a lot of other people. I quickly realized how crazy the demand for an apartment had become. New housing ads were often deactivated shortly after creation. The sellers were simply receiving a blizzard of calls, emails and message.

I signed up to all the email alerts on various housing sites, hoping that this would give me a little head start on contacting the sellers. Unfortunately, the email alerts were often delayed with everything from one hour to a day. In a housing market where new ads receive more than 100 inquiries within the first hour, it seemed pointless to use the slow email alerts.

This meant that I only had one option left. To constantly refresh the housing sites from my laptop and phone, hoping to discover new ads before everyone else. This approach turned out to be more effective than the email alerts, but there was one obvious flaw in this strategy. As a home seeker, you’re not a robot. You need to eat, work, study, and sleep like everyone else. This meant that I often missed new ads, despite the fact that I spent hours every day refreshing housing sites. After spending a few days like this, I figured that there had to be a smarter way to do this. It didn't make any sense for me to look at my screen most of the day and mindlessly refresh housing sites like a robot.

That’s why I developed Robodove. The purpose of Robodove is to take over the tiresome part of the apartment search. A robot does not need to eat, work, study, work or sleep. Robodove could search around the clock and discover new ads before everyone else. Armed with Robodove, I went back to the Copenhagen housing market. I immediately noticed a significant head start in my apartment search. I was often the first person to contact the landlord. This allowed me to have a long conversation with the landlord and get invited to numerous viewings. Another great advantage of Robodove was that I could save time constantly searching for housing and spend more time with friends, family, and on work.

How much does Robodove cost?

Robodove cost 39 DKK a week. The revenue goes to maintenance, development, as well as cake and soda for our weekly meetings.

Support the project

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